Hawkeye Firearms provides expert gunsmithing services for firearms of all kinds. Our experts perform all of our services in-house, reducing turnaround time and ensuring that all of our work meets our stringent quality standards.

From ultrasonic cleaning to custom builds, welding and machine work, Hawkeye Firearms stands behind everything we do.

Contact us today at 973.406.7461 or [email protected] to discuss your gunsmithing needs. We look forward to working with you.

Gunsmithing Services at Hawkeye Firearms


Hand Clean Rifle – $40

Hand Clean Handgun – $65

Ultra Sonic Clean Rifle – $85

Ultra Sonic Clean Handgun – $60

Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR)

Full Assembly – $250

Upper Assembly – $125

Lower Assembly – $150

Install Iron Sights or Optic Sight – $35

Trigger Install – $50

(All assembly/install prices do NOT include parts)


Complete slide build – $95

Install sights – $55

Install Optic – $35

Install Trigger Shoe – $25

(All assembly/install prices do NOT include parts)

Additional Services

Any additional, special request, custom work, or other unlisted services are charged at $75 per hour with a minimum of $35 charge.

Written Appraisals available for $35

Storage available, $25 monthly minimum.